Do you remember the good old spinners? Everyone was playing with them, but then people got bored because there was only so much utility to them. But now there is a better, more fun alternative to the spinners of the past, and it can fly.

Flying spinners are modern, flying versions of the fidget spinners. There is a wide range of functionality to them, so you can have unlimited play time. A flying spinner can be your go-to toy if you want to relieve stress and anxiety, kill extra time, or just play around.

So, here are all the different flying spinners you can buy to get started. Keep reading.

3D Plastic Gyroscope Mini Flying Drone

This is the classic shape of a flying spinner you will find online. It is shaped like UFO and has LED lights installed in it. The mini flying drone has a battery and a gyroscopic motor on its surface, which allow it to keep moving automatically after you start spinning it, even when you have left holding it. The battery must be full for the spinning motion to work.

Hold it between your thumb and forefinger to get it to spin, and then you can shake it or spin it by hand. These motions will start the motor, and the drone will start spinning. For the spinner to stop, you can hold it from the edges, and it will come to rest.

You can easily charge it by connecting with a micro cable for about 10-15 minutes for a full charge.

Fly 360 Rotating Hover Orb Magic LED Spinner

The 360-rotating flying spinner is another option that comes in a globe-like shape. It has lithium batteries installed for functioning and spinning. You can fly or spin it for up to 30 minutes and even more by charging it for 25 minutes.

Colorful LED lights are installed in the flying spinner, enabling you to play with the spinner even at night. It is made of plastic and comes with a charging hole through which you can easily charge it. There is a switch on the spinner for turning the motor and the lights on and off.

Mini Flying Spinner Drone

The mini flying spinner is a new version of the UFO-shaped flying fidgets. They have multiple control modes, such as remote control, gesture, and watch control. This mini drone version is an intelligent spinner with highly sensitive sensors for motion control. They also come with mesmerizing lights adorned all over the spinner. You can get them in various colors, and they will even make a stunning gift. Their most popular colors are red and blue.


Flying spinners are a great way to have fun alone or with friends and family. Unlike the plain fidget spinner, the flying version is more interesting and will keep you hooked. There are several fantastic features for playing with the spinner. It is easy to control and comes in various colors. The fun LED lights, a distinctive feature of the flying spinners, make it a treat to watch. Make sure to buy from only the best online sellers to get authentic products. Happy spinning!


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